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Penina Langer

Who I am

Hi! My name is Penina Langer and I am currently a senior at Queens College (CUNY) studying nutrition & dietetics and computer science. I plan to graduate in May 2020 and then continue on to a Dietetic Internship in order to become a registered dietitian.

What I do

As a student, I am fortunate that I get the opportunity to explore all different aspects of the nutrition and dietetics field. I am passionate about making nutrition more accessible, especially through technology. Look through my portfolio to learn more about the experiences I have had!

Check out my resume

Since starting college in 2016, I have worked hard to create experiences for my self both within Queens College and the community. Keep scrolling to learn about some of the work I’ve done, or click on the button below to see the big picture. 


YUHSG - Central
2011 - 2015

High School

Midreshet Moriah
2015 - 2016

Year Abroad

Queens College
2016 - Present

Bachelor's Degree

Work Samples

I have included work samples from various nutrition courses. Work samples include ADIME notes, case studies, counseling assignments and research projects.

Work Samples

Be in touch

I am always looking for new opportunities and ways to be involved in the nutrition community. I would love to hear from you!


This portfolio is the work of Penina Langer.  Please do not copy without permission. Some of the exhibits, work samples, and/or service samples are the proprietary property of the organization whose name appears on the document. Each has granted permission for this product to be used as a demonstration of my work.